The Crystal Vision Foundation (CVF) is a haven for inspiring blind and sight-impaired artists, incubating differently-abled talent, and creating opportunities for success for the artists we work with, reshaping how society views disabled artists and individuals with sight impairment.

Our mission

The CVF will build a provisional membership base, with an initial priority on attracting and helping younger artists (16-36) who will benefit most from the support of our foundation, providing:

Mentorship opportunities

Training programs

Community workshops

Technical assistance

Monetary grants

The founder

At the age of 19, Adam Morse was an aspiring writer and actor. At the time his career was beginning to crystallise, Adam lost his sight due to a previously unknown rare genetic disorder called LHON. It changed his approach to art but did not change his desire to impact the world. Adam learned to adapt and manage his career without sight; using his fantastic vision, he now has several short, and feature film premieres to his name and is best known for his film ‘Lucid’!

Adam Morse on a bridge in London

"People confuse sight and vision as if they are the same, but the truth is that we only use sight to map our surroundings and actually use vision to map our future. I aim to help create clarity around this through the mission of Crystal Vision Foundation."

– Adam Morse

Get involved

We’re building a community with sight in mind. If you’re interested in joining it, call or message us.

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